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Our Mission and Philosophy
  • To provide consistent high quality services that are efficient and student centered

  • To create an environment of teamwork that stimulates improvement, growth and a commitment to a never ending search for a better way to do things.

  • To further the College's retention efforts through participation in a variety of workshops, open houses and other events involving students, families, faculty, staff and members of the community.

  • To facilitate and deliver equal access to all provided by Jay Express for the Division of Enrollment Management.

Jay Express Services Center & Enrollment Management Call Center:

Nusta Belluzzi-Acevedo – is a graduate of John Jay College, earning a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Minor in Law. She plans on continuing her education and pursuing a Master’s degree in the near future. Ms. Belluzzi-Acevedo believes in servicing each individual to her fullest potential and keeping a positive environment for all.

Eric Auyeung - is a current John Jay student majoring in Economics. As a fellow student, he understands the struggles and issues other students may run into. He believes in aiding students to the best of his ability while maintaining a positive attitude and environment.

Tahirah Bennett – earned her Bachelor’s in Sociology. She plans to continue her education by receiving her Masters in School Counseling. She believes patience is the key to great understanding. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

Jaycee Cespedes - graduated from John Jay College with a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and Public Administration. She plans on continuing her education and pursuing a Master’s degree at John Jay College. She is interested in serving students as it is her passion for helping and using her experience to drive a positive change in students transition from high school to higher education and therefore lead them to academic success.

Tashauna Daley - graduated from the University of the West Indies, with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Economics. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in Public Administration, Inspection and Oversight and an Advance Certificate in Forensic Accounting. She believes in working with H.E.A.R.T; Honesty, Excellence, Accountability, Respect and Teamwork to efficiently assist students in successfully transitioning and completing their studies.

Junia Leoutsakos - earned her Master’s Degree in Public Administration at John Jay College, and a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice at St John University. In her spare time she enjoys photography and traveling the world.

Ashlee Pacheco - graduated from LaGuardia Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice. She is currently enrolled at John Jay College majoring in Forensic Psychology and excited to assist students with any issues that may arise throughout their present and future semesters. On her free time, she enjoys reading all things romance, watching movies and loves Harry Potter.

Michael Perillo - has received his Bachelor's Degree from Brooklyn College where he studied as an English major. Michael has developed his professional skills by working in various Customer Service environments. While not working, he enjoys reading, watching movies, and cheering for his favorite sports teams.

Jackqueline Rodriguez – is an alumni of John Jay College. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology & plans to pursue her Masters at John Jay. She is committed to helping students achieve success in any way possible.

Abenezer Solomon - graduated from John Jay College with a Bachelor’s of Science in Public Administration in 2017. He has been with the Jay Express team for 2 years. With a passion for wanting to help students have a better experience in college, he is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that every student he encounters receives the best service. Mr. Solomon plans to pursue a career in government or education. During his free time, he enjoys, cooking, exploring/traveling, watching movies/tv shows and sports.

Alia Velazquez – is a current John Jay student majoring in Criminal Justice. Ms. Velasquez is interested and passionate about helping students. She understands what it’s like to be a student at John Jay herself. She loves to maintain a positive and friendly environment for her colleagues as well as the students they assist on a daily basis. Her dream goal is to become a singer and she aspires to be a role model for her peers and the youth.

Enrollment Management Services:

Senior Assistant Director
Samuel Lopez – received a Bachelor’s Degree in Deviant Behavior and Social Control from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree in Higher Education from Pennsylvania State University where he also received a Graduate Assistantship. He has a wide range of higher education experience including financial aid, registrar, student affairs, and youth development programs. Mr. Lopez also runs our semester long financial literacy workshop that promotes financial awareness such as, identity theft, credit score, and spending habits, that is open to the public twice a week. In spring 2014, he led an effort beating out colleges and universities nation-wide and won the NEFE CashCourse (financial literacy) sign up competition.

Senior Assistant Director
Nicole J. Rios - has an Associate’s Degree in Human Services: Mental Health from LaGuardia Community College and a Bachelor's Degree in Deviant Behavior and Social Control from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She has experience in social services and youth development. Ms. Rios is passionate about promoting the benefits of receiving a quality education.

Associate Director
Jarrett Foster – joins John Jay as the Associate Director of Enrollment Management Services. Prior to joining John Jay, he worked at SUNY Purchase and Mercy College for a combined nine years. During this time he has gained experience in the areas of financial aid, veteran’s affairs, academic advising, and student affairs. Mr. Foster previously served as the regional chair of NYSFAAA region five. Mr. Foster received a Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Mercy College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Psychology from Pace University. He believes that the Jay Express, and the other support services, also plays an intricate role in educating the student body. As they assist students with developing skills that will utilize for the rest of their lives.

Naomi Nwosu - earned her Doctorate in Urban Education with a specialization in Science, Math and Technology from the CUNY Graduate Center. She has over 15 years of experience in education. Ms. Nwosu is dedicated to providing quality service and enhancing student services. She believes in providing students with the resources they need to navigate the administrative aspects of their education.

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