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If you are an Evening student and need assistance with any of the services offered at Jay Express, please contact us during our business hours and we will try to assist you via phone or email.

Application to Graduate (Graduation Audit) and Change of Address can be done through the Jay Stop! Just click on the appropriate form under the Registrar Forms, no more paper or standing in's that easy!

All students in the online MPA-IG program or WestPoint programs, please contact Diana Neff (MPA-IG) or Jennifer Heiney (West Point).

Returning John Jay students can now apply for readmission online! Please click here to access the online application.

Please make sure to print your class schedule right here from The Jay Stop page, just click on My JJC and go to the class schedule tab. Have a great semester!

Jay Express
Mon -Thur: 10AM to 5:45PM
Fri: Closed

Enrollment Management Call Center
Mon-Thur: 10AM to 4:45PM
Fri: Closed

Jay Express Services Center
New Building, L.79.00

The Jay Express Services Center is the place to go for all your Enrollment Management needs. We are the customer service area representing the Offices of the Registrar, Financial Aid, Testing, Admissions (Graduate and Undergraduate), some Bursar transactions and much more. The Jay Express is a fast paced, high volume office that provides friendly, quality, and accurate in person information to students, faculty, staff and the community in general. Our office is staffed by cross trained Enrollment Specialists, who will assist you in a courteous, professional manner.  We are here to assist you succeed in the business of being a student.

The Enrollment Management Call Center is an extension of the Jay Express Services Center. Assistance to students is provided via the phone at (212) 663-7867 or through email at

In keeping with our service philosophy, we will provide a series of Financial Literacy workshops throughout the semester during community hour for the John Jay Community. We also provide free Notary Public services to all our students, faculty and staff.  We look forward to helping make your experience at John Jay College of Criminal Justice a positive and rewarding one.

Our Mission and Philosophy

  • To provide consistent high quality services that are efficient and student centered

  • To create an environment of teamwork that stimulates improvement, growth and a commitment to a never ending search for a better way to do things.

  • To further the College's retention efforts through participation in a variety of workshops, open houses and other events involving students, families, faculty, staff and members of the community.

  • To facilitate and deliver equal access to all provided by Jay Express for the Division of Enrollment Management.

Meet Our Enrollment Specialists Team:
Jay Express Services Center & Enrollment Management Call Center:

Maryanne Sackarnoski – has extensive customer service experience in various fields ranging from retail, medical, and educational offices. Ms. Sackarnoski is an avid reader who loves her Kindle. In her spare time, she enjoys walks with her dog and going to the movies.

Brandon A. Ramos - worked for several years in the Police Studies program prior to coming to the Jay Express team. He has a degree in Web Design and presently also teaches Mixed Martial Arts. He is an entrepreneur and has started his own retail athletic wear clothing company. Mr. Ramos is a 2011 BRAVO! Employee Recognition Award recipient.

Adrian Cepeda
– takes pride in helping our students to the best of his ability. His colleagues describe him as out-going and always seeks out how to do things better. Even though a native New Yorker, Mr. Cepeda enjoys exploring New York and photography.

Julie Guerrero – comes to John Jay College with an array of customer service experiences. She has basic knowledge in American Sign Language and is described as efficient and a quick-learner. In her downtime, Ms. Guerrero likes to spend time with her dog, Willie, and aims to visit every state in United States particularly Texas.

Marisa Phillip – is described as an earnest and compassionate individual. She has experience as a teacher, fashion coordinator, and computer software tutor. In her spare time, Ms. Phillip enjoys reading, shopping, and attending local fashion shows and has a particular interest in special education intervention.

Steven Gomez – is described as an articulate and reliable person who is always willing to go the extra mile. He has extensive clerical experience at the Beacon Program for after-school activities serving as the office assistant and mentor. Mr. Gomez also has several years of hospitality services experience at a local winery. He enjoys playing baseball and basketball.

Cheila Gonzalez – has a Master's Degree in Global Business and Finance and is fluent in Spanish and Italian. She has several years of experience working in CUNY. Customer service, to Ms. Gonzalez, means doing all that is possible to assist the person’s needs. She enjoys helping students and connecting with them. Ms. Gonzalez enjoys exercising, traveling, and reading.

Alexander Huang – has one request of our students – don’t be shy to approach him with your questions! Mr. Huang is an adaptive and loyal individual who connects well with our students. He is always seeking self-improvement and turning his weaknesses into strengths. Outside of work, he dedicates a lot of his free time to playing basketball and perfecting his cooking.

Meet Our Supervisory Team:
Enrollment Management Services:


Samuel Lopez – received a Bachelor’s Degree in Deviant Behavior and Social Control from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and a Master’s Degree in Higher Education from Pennsylvania State University where he also received a Graduate Assistantship. He has a wide range of higher education experience including financial aid, registrar, student affairs, and youth development programs. Mr. Lopez also runs our semester long financial literacy workshop that promotes financial awareness such as, identity theft, credit score, and spending habits, that is open to the public twice a week. In spring 2014, he led an effort beating out colleges and universities nation-wide and won the NEFE CashCourse (financial literacy) sign up competition.

Nicole J. Rios - has an Associate’s Degree in Human Services: Mental Health from LaGuardia Community College and a Bachelor's Degree in Deviant Behavior and Social Control from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She has experience in social services and youth development. Ms. Rios is passionate about promoting the benefits of receiving a quality education.

Ariel Del Rosario - has an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Morrisville State University and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics and Management from Cornell University. He has experience in the non-profit sector and in the real estate sector. Mr. Del Rosario is also one of the College’s Designated School Officer for currently enrolled international students. Mr. Del Rosario is a New York State licensed Notary Public and offers his services to the John Jay community.

Associate Director
Nilsa Lam
– has over 10 years of experience in higher education. She has earned a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology. Ms. Lam has been an adjunct lecturer in the Mathematics Department. She has also been involved in college governance including holding positions as president and secretary of the Council of Higher Education Officers, member of the College Council, and member of the Budget and Planning Committee. Ms. Lam is also a three time Bravo! Employee Recognition Award recipient.

Services Provided
* We provide free Notary Public services to John Jay students, faculty and staff, with proper photo identification.

Financial Aid

• General Financial Aid information
• Checking the status of your Financial Aid packaging
• Obtain Financial Aid Budget Breakdowns
• Submit all forms and documents for Title IV Pell Verification
• Submit Federal Direct Loan applications (Subsidized, Unsubsidized or PLUS)
• Submit Federal Direct Loan Increase / Decrease / Cancellation form
• Information on Master Promissory Notes
• Alternative Loan information
• Federal Direct Loan Entrance / Exit Counseling Interviews
• Federal Direct Loan Deferment forms / information
• Change of Address/Name/Telephone Number
• Financial Aid Attendance Certification intake
• Check Hold information and Releases
• Veterans / Police / Uniform Services waivers
• Check disbursement information
• Book Voucher information / payments
• TAP progress information
• Scholarship information
• Schedule appointments for Financial Aid Counseling staff
• Outstanding Book Voucher liability
• Disseminate information on Ability To Benefit (ATB)


• Information on major / minor / course requirements
• Trouble shoot Registration Problems
• Re-Admission application processing and fee payment (Graduate & Undergraduate)
• Trouble shoot Student email and CUNY Portal issues
• ePermit / Permit information
• Change of Address / Telephone Number
• Change of Documented Personal Information Application (Name/Social Security Number/ Date of Birth)
• Process course waiver forms
Please note that we do not issue course waivers; we only process them. Course waiver requests are at the discretion of the department, so please see the appropriate department for your request.
• Submit Graduation Audit forms (Graduate & Undergraduate)
• Information on the College Level Exam Program (CLEP)
• Submit Official Withdrawal forms / Resignation forms
• Submit Pass / Fail option form
• Application for Military Credit
• Life Experience Credit with fee
• Equivalent/Life Experience Credit Application
• Late Resignation appeals
• Obtain Certification of Enrollment letters
• Submit Make Up Exam applications
• Submit Course Exemption forms
• Submit Course Substitution forms
• Submit Independent Study form (Graduate, Undergraduate)
• Declaration of Major and/or Minor
• Submission of Official Transcript request
• Obtain Student Copy of Transcript
• Submit Retroactive Resignation
• Maintenance of Matriculation
• Request Duplicate Diploma
• Fees Payments (Check, Cash or Money Oder accepted)
• Troubleshoot DegreeWorks
• Intake of external credit information
• Intake of graduate specialization form
• Prior semester bill fee
• Removal of tuition and fee charges as appropriate
• Process and verify FERPA release (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974)
• Schedule appointments with Registrar staff

Testing Office

• CUNY Skills scores placement information
• Reschedule test dates


•Official tuition bills (present and prior semester)
• Tuition payments
• Fees Payments (Check, Cash or Money Oder accepted)
• Transcript
• Duplicate diploma request
• Re-Admission
• Make up exam
• Outstanding Book Voucher liability
• Prior semester bill fee
• Information on TuitionPay (monthly tuition payment plan)
• Troubleshoot student accounts information including outstanding balances
• Tuition payments - cash payments under $500, money order and checks for the full tuition amount accepted, payable to John Jay College. 

Undergraduate Admission

•Application information
• Overall admissions information
• Information on Open House
• Accept proof of High School Graduation (diplomas) / GED or other degree
• Accept proof of SAT Scores and Regents Test scores
• Submission of CLEP scores, transcripts

Graduate Admissions

• Admission Application information
• Overall admissions program information

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