Peeing in Peace

If you have trouble accessing public bathrooms because of your gender or sexuality, there are some bathrooms on campus that you can use without fear of discrimination and harassment. There are two single-user, fully private bathrooms in the faculty and staff dining room on the 2nd floor of the New Building. The faculty and staff dining room is located between the cafeteria and the entrance to the J-Walk, on the south side of the building. The bathrooms are located toward the the back of the dining room on the right. We understand that students may be hesitant to use a bathroom located in such a dining room, but this is *not* the high school teachers' lounge! Most faculty and staff are supportive of the needs of trans and gender non-conforming people so they will not trouble you as you walk to the bathroom, and the staff of the food services company and Public Safety officers have been notified not to bother students who want to use these bathrooms. If you do experience any harassment as you try to access these restrooms, PLEASE contact the director of the Women's Center, Professor Elizabeth Yukins, who will work to remedy the situation immediately. Finally, there are two restrooms in North Hall that receive little traffic and thus allow for more privacy. The bathrooms are located on the first floor of North Hall, just down the hall from the Student Computer Lab. To access the bathrooms, walk past the computer lab (1404NH) and pass through a set of double doors that (falsely) read "No Entry" (the old mailroom, 1520NH, is just to the left of these doors.) On the right is a "Women's" bathroom and around the corner is a "Men's" bathroom. While these restrooms are gender segregated, the lack of traffic will hopefully lessen chances of discrimination and harassment.