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The following individuals are members of the John Jay community who are available to speak with LGBTQ students regarding any issues they may have.  The mentors’ goal is to provide guidance to students and alert them to resources available to them.   
Daniel AuldDaniel Auld
Academic Program Director
Room 532T

Mr. Auld is the Academic Program Director in charge of student learning, academic services and assessment in the Office of Undergraduate Studies.  Having gone through college with many of his questions unanswered, he welcomes LGBTQ students who have specific questions or who just want to talk. 
Calvin ChinDr. Calvin R. Chin
Director of Counseling
Phone: 646-557-4552.

As the Director of Counseling, I am happy to be available to LGBTQ students who have questions about resources on or off campus or who have questions about counseling services available to them.
Reggie GraysonReggie Grayson
Interim Director, Campaign Strategy
Office of Marketing and Development


Since coming to John Jay in 2008, Reggie has mentored many students – male and female, LGBQT and others. He enjoys helping students navigate the many different stresses of college life – finances, family, course work – and teaching them how to develop solutions.
Vielka HolnessVielka Holness
Director of the Pre Law Institute
Room 3110 North Hall

Ms. Holness is the Director of the Pre Law Institute. She has worked in student affairs and academic affairs in university settings for many years. She is a former employment discrimination lawyer and remains a staunch advocate of LGBTQ awareness and inclusion. She invites all students to contact her.

Nathan LentsNathan Lents
Office = 4129-N

Professor Lents is in the department of sciences and teaches biology courses including Bio/Gen-255: The Biology of Gender and Sexuality.  His door is always open to students, including and especially those in the LGBTQ community.  Even if you feel lost and alone now, take it from all of us - IT GETS BETTER!

Mark McBethMark McBeth,
Associate Professor of English
212 237 8815

Since the democratic phrasing is "justice for all" and not "justice for some," I believe that students should always question the people, places, and policies that confuse who should deserve justice. In my teaching and research, I challenge students to engage these questions and respond to homophobia, misogyny, and genderism (as well as any other type of limiting, close-minded prejudice).  Looking for students to participate in research (See Research Opportunities)
Daniel PinelloDaniel Pinello
Professor Political Science

Professor Pinello has long served the LGBT community, first as an attorney who advised gay and lesbian clients in the 1970s and '80sand now as a political scientist who studies the law and politics of sexual orientation. He's published two books in the field (Gay Rights and American Law and America's Strugglefor Same-Sex Marriage)and is currently researching the impact of state constitutional amendments that prohibit all forms of relationship recognition for same-sex couples.
Tiffany OnoratoTiffany Onorato
(646) 557-4844
Office Room 3121N.

Ms. Onorato is very excited to serve as a mentor and resource for John Jay’s LGBTQ population. She has a passion for advocating equality in society and feels that everyone should be afforded opportunities to become successful in anything they choose to do in life. Ms. Onorato has extensive experience working with college students and understands the challenges that LGBTQ students face while pursuing a higher education. She hopes to serve as a valuable resource for students here at John Jay and assist them in becoming successful members of our community
Tara PaulinyTara Pauliny, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
WAC Coordinator

646-557-4847 office
7th Floor, Academic Commons (619 W. 54th St), room 765

Tara Pauliny is an Assistant Professor in the English department whose work focuses on queer theory and feminist rhetorics. She teaches in the English department and the Gender Studies Program, and coordinates the college's Writing Across the Curriculum Program. Tara is a native New Yorker who spent much of her 20s and 30sin the midwest. While a professor in Wisconsin, she advised the university's LGBTQ student group: Rainbow Alliance for HOPE, and served on both the Alliance for Equity and Diversityand theLBGTQ Awareness and Advocacy Committee. Tara now lives in Brooklyn with her wife and six pets and is looking forwardto the opportunity to work with John Jay's LGBTQ students.
Jennifer RutledgeJennifer Rutledge
Assistant Professor

Professor Rutledge is an Assistant Professor in the Political Science department. She is easily contacted by email and happy to set up a time to meet and talk with you about any concerns you might have.
Will SimpkinsWill Simpkins 
Director of Career Development Services

Will Simpkins is the Director of Career Development Services at John Jay College, responsible for overseeing career services to all undergraduate students and alumni of the College.  He received a B.A. in English from Virginia Tech and an M.Ed. from the University of Maryland.  He has been involved as an LGBTQ student leader, club advisor, and national association leader.  He is the author of the monograph "Queer Leadership: LGBT Leadership, Leaders, and The Movement" and recounted his first-job experiences as a gay man in a chapter  of "Job One: Experiences of New Professionals in Student Affairs".
Maria S. GreweMaria S. Grewe
Adjunct Assistant Professor
English Department

Professor Grewe teaches English composition and literature at John Jay and German at Columbia University. Both in her teaching and her research, she is committed to furthering discussion and critical thinking about diversity in all of its forms, recognizing subtle and overt discrimination and marginalization, and questioning normative assumptions, be they cultural, sexual or other. Professor Grewe looks forward to working with LGBTQ and allied students to create and foster LGBTQ affirmative spaces in the John Jay College community. She invites all students to contact her.
Elizabeth YukinsElizabeth Yukins
Asst. Professor
English Department

Elizabeth Yukins is the director of the Women’s Center at John Jay College and a professor in the English Department. The Women’s Center welcomes all LGBTQ students and offers support services that include counseling, social groups, and information about NYC resources. Prof. Yukins has taught courses on gender and sexuality in literature, as well as served as a faculty advisor to John Jay’s LGBTQ student group. You can contact Prof. Yukins directly or you can stop by the Women’s Center to get information, make a counseling appointment, or simply say hello. Think of the Women’s Center a safe, and fun, space for you on campus.