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The College is pleased to announce that three gender neutral bathrooms exist, one in North Hall and one in the T-building, aka Haaren Hall, and one at Westport. The hyperlinks open floor plans detailing the location of each bathroom.

How I Respond to the People Who Are Making Gay New Yorkers Fear For Our Lives by Kevin L. Nadal, Ph.D.

Coming Out"
a video by John Jay Student Giselle Dejean (2010)

Generation LGBTQIA (New York Times Article)

Peeing in Peace
If you have trouble accessing public bathrooms because of your gender or sexuality, there are some bathrooms on campus that you can use without fear of discrimination and harassment...Read More

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Welcome to Jay Pride, a website for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Questioning (LGBTQ) students at John Jay College! 

Here you will find information about events happening at the college, how you can get involved in the LGBTQ community or just learn what the community is all about.  
  • Under Community you can learn about our Student Club, the LGBTQ & Allies Club, and read and discuss hot topics in the LGBTQ community happening around John Jay. 

  • The Academics section includes information about courses that contain LGBTQ themes, descriptions of research that JJ faculty are conducting and how you can apply to be part of these research projects.

  • Finally, we understand that some of our students are out, proud and very confident in their sexuality while for many of us, assuming our identity is a process that takes some time. Therefore, you may want to connect with groups with which you have more in common than just issues related to your emerging sexuality, but who share this common thread. Our Resources section describes resources available to you to help you sort out what you’re feeling, how that impacts your life, who you can talk to on campus and off, and how you can speak up when individuals are not respecting everyone’s right to a safe and lively campus.
Check back often for updates and new features to our site, and be proud of who you are and who you are becoming!

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