Community Outreach & Legal Advocacy
Audre Lorde Project, The
85 South Oxford St., Brooklyn, NY 11217
T. 718-596-0342
F. 718-596-1328
LGBT/two-spirit/people of color center for community organizing, focusing on NYC area. Through mobilization, education, capacity-building, works for community wellness and progressive social and economic justice. Committed to struggling across differences, seeks to responsibly reflect, represent, serve various communities.
172 Allen St., NYC 10002
T. 212-777-6028
F. 212-777-6042
Bookstore, café, activist resource center on Lower East Side. Feminist, queer-friendly. Available for events.
FIERCE! Fabulous Independent Educated Radicals
for Community Empowerment
147 W. 24th St., NYC 10011
T. 646-336-6789, 646-336-6788
Community organizing project for TLGBTSQQ youth of color in NYC, dedicated to exploring/building power in our communities through leadership development, artistic/cultural activism, political education, campaign development while taking care of ourselves/each other. Takes on institutions that perpetuate transphobia, homophobia, racism, ethnic conflict, gender bias, economic injustice, ageism, spread of HIV, STIs, STDs, other mental/physical health crises that make daily survival a terrifying challenge for TLGBTSQQ youth. Organizes against injustices of criminal “justice,” housing, employment, education, healthcare systems.
GMHC, Youth & Young Adult Initiatives
c/o GMHC 119 W. 24th St. 8th. Floor, NYC 10011
T. 212-367-1000, 212-367-1382
Outreach activities/ workgroups for LGBT youth in NYC. Open to all with particular focus on House and Ball community.
Human Rights Campaign
1640 Rhode Island Ave.
Washington, DC 20036
T. 202-216-1500
US’s largest civil rights organization dedicated to LGBT community.
LGBT People of Color Leaders Roundtable
85 S. Oxford St., Brooklyn, NY 11217
T. 718-596-0342 (Collete Carter)
LGBT people of color and anti-racist, progressive groups pool resources on issues, enhance visibility in lesbian/gay/respective communities/political arena.
Men of All Colors Together (MACT)
T. 212.330.7678,
Founded in 1980, as Black and White Men Together. We are a multiracial, multicultural organization of gay and bisexual men committed to addressing and combating racism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination as well as providing a supportive environment for non-oppressive multiracial relating and striving to create multicultural community. General Meeting 1st/3rd/4th/5th Fri 8-10pm. Board Meeting 2nd Fri 8-10pm.
Our Youth
133 North St., Jersey City, NJ 07307
T. 201-839-5869  
T. 201-303-8160 (text)
Non-profit organization designed to help LGBT youth and their straight allies. We help find jobs, get into college, offer free HIV testing and provide weekly support group. Also conduct workshops and motivational speeches on a variety of issues.
(Out People of Color Political Action Committee) 351 W.
114th St. Suite #4A-4B, NYC 10026
T. 917-804-9579
NYC-based non-partisan, political club of LGBT and two spirited people of color.
Peter Cicchino Youth Project of the Urban Justice
123 William St. 16th Floor, NYC 10038
T. 877-LGBT-LAW (Toll free)
T. 646-602-5600
Free legal services for LGBT/questioning youth ages 11-24.
Stonewall Community Foundation
c/o William McDermott, Interim Executive Director
119 W. 24th St. 7th Floor, NYC 10011
T. 212-367-1155
Public charity for LGBT NY. Grant making/technical assistance. Supports LGBT organizations, helps donors realize philanthropic goals. Student scholarships.
Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund
151 West 19th St., Suite 1103, NYC 10011
T. 646-862-9396
National nonprofit civil rights organization committed to ending discrimination based on gender identity/ expression, and to achieving equality for transgender people through public education, test-case litigation, direct legal services, and public policy efforts.